Saigon Unseen

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Vietnam is developing very quickly and many of the older traditional aspects are being knocked down to create a more modern urbanized city and it won’t be long until the old parts of the town are razed to make way for skyscrapers and super highways.

On a half day tours, our aim is to allow you to see the UNSEEN SAIGON! We take you through the backstreets to visit very local markets, through the lanes and alleys many call home, into Buddhist pagoda’s and over some of the many canals that make up the city.

Getting aboard a motorbike or hitting the streets on foot with us, will give you a better perspective of life in Vietnam’s largest city and the freedom to interact with the locals whilst doing so. 

Follow the links below, the only choice is – Ride or Walk

Urban Kaos Moto Tour

Urban Kaos Walk and Talk

Moto Foto Photography Tour

Images By Adam Hurley

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